When you only try once

You have a really hard time believing it.
Abriella Jane is going to be an amazing big sister <3


Is it too much?

I'm thinking that blogging every 3ish days may be more than I should. That last post was just plain awful. If it didn't go against what I believe in, I would delete it but that feels like deleting a part of my life and I just don't do that. I won't censor myself just because the post was dull and negative.

I have, however, decided that since I end up posting junk like that if i post too often, I am going to limit myself to posting once a week unless something awesome or important comes up!

For now, I am going to sit here, smell the roses (and other flowers in the surprise bouquet Ryan brought home <3 a="" abby="" all.="" and="" call="" coffee.="" drink="" duty="" her="" i="" m="" mom="" my="" now="" of="" p="" play="" plays="" real="" ryan="" toys="" watch="" while="" with="" y="">


Stuck in a rut

I'm caught. In that space between being busy with Abby and having nothing to do. Where for a period of the day I have nothing to do but not enough time to do nothing. I'm bored. I'm REALLY bored. So bored that the thought of cleaning excites me but I don't want to do it, lol.

Of course as soon as I started typing up this blog. Abby started fussing. But. again, she's fine now and I'm bored. I'm bored of tv, hulu, netflix, facebook, twitter, instagram and I'm also kind of bored as I write this boring blog post. I'm just bored.

I used to be able to do things with people outside of the house when I felt like I needed to do something but now I don't really have anyone I can just call and say "Hey! Let's hang out!" and it will happen. Not to mention, Ryan is on nights right now and everyone else has a husband on days so it wouldn't work out anyway.

Abby is on the floor playing with her toys and learning new things and maybe I should join her. Sometimes it's nice to have my "free time" but when my free time isn't any fun, who cares about it?

Sorry for rambling! I'm off to play with my baby. She looks like she's having a blast.


{not exactly} Extreme Couponing

I have never discussed this before but a while ago, Ryan and I joined in on the coupon thing. It started as us just using coupons for the things we were already buying. Then we started using coupons to replace things we previously used with new items that there are usually coupons for and now? Now we go to the grocery store the night before double coupon day to scope out the sales and see how our coupons will measure up. The next day we go and use our coupons which usually double to $2 per coupon. It's truly amazing when you watch the price go down.

People keep asking me to tell them how to do it but we are still somewhat beginners so we don't have many tips BUT I will tell you exactly how you coupon the way we do!

1: Find your coupons! From the newspapers, online and anywhere else you can find them such as the coupon dispensers at the store. If there is a good coupon at the store we tend to take a few for a later date.

2. Find out your local grocery stores coupon policy. They usually have them on their website but if they are a local store they may not have a website so you will have to either call or ask in store. Go to the one with the best policy.

3. Find out when double coupon day is. The best double coupon deal is if they will double ANY coupon (which is basically unheard of) or will double up to $1 (which doubles to $2 per coupon).

4. Shop the sales. The night before double coupon day, go and find out what is on sale to get the most bang for your buck! We are saving more by doing that!

5. Don't buy things you wont use unless you are getting them free. Donate what you don't use to a local food bank!

6. Make a budget and don't go over it for the sake of saving 50 cents!

Most importantly HAVE FUN! And share your savings! You never know who might start saving money because of you!

Just for fun, here's our stockpile :)

And here's our best buys from today! Yes, we went out in the 10 inches of snow to coupon. We can't miss double coupon day!!! 4 containers of Silk, 4 bottles of dressing, 2 mustards, ketchup, 2 pizzas, 2 bags of cheese, 4 puffs, 5 boxes of noodles, 2 jars of Alfredo, 2 jars of spaghetti sauce, 2 things of salt, Nature Valley bars and Fiber One bars for under $30!

Hope you're inspired! Let me know if you have any questions! Happy couponing!


I wrote a song

I was playing with Abby on a Fisher Price app that has a keyboard and I randomly sang some lyrics with the keys. It inspired me to actually write and sing an entire song for her and here it is:


Good news!

We had our dinner guests over tonight and we definitely enjoyed each other's company! They have an 18 month old little boy who Abby wanted to play with so badly but he didn't want to sit still, lol. We had dinner and played apples to apples which is always a good time! They are coming over for the Super Bowl too!

I'm so glad that we all got along and I really hope it blossoms into a beautiful friendship!